Prose: Essays, Stories, and More

I am always making up stories.

Some people call this “pathological lying”, but I like to think of it as “unlimited creativity”. Other people say you should only write what you know, but what do those people know? (Guess you should read their writing to find out.) I have not personally met any teenaged criminals, ghosts of dead soldiers, or zombies from the 1840s, but that has not stopped me from writing about them. And then there are teachers, who want me to write terribly boring papers about Shakespeare and ethics and insist upon deducting points when I try to slip in a zombie or two.

I kid, of course. I actually like writing about Shakespeare. And I think ol’ Will would have loved Shaun of the Dead, too.


4 articles
I wrote these for school, and expanded them a bit for the internet


1 article
I’m saving my best stuff for publication, so you’ll have to make do with this for now

  • Plato’s Cave
    A dark story set in the near future. (Published in my college’s arts magazine.)


2 articles
Fragments and scenes that were never expanded into full stories

  • Entrenched
    A ghostly little scene. I never could think of a plot to go with it, so it landed here.
  • The Perp
    A scene from just beyond an interrogation room.