Plug It, Code It, Love It: February 24, 2006

In which I catch up with my internetting.


First off, I have to plug Jem and her fantabulous tutorial site, Tutorialtastic, which has just been stylishly redone and is bigger and better than ever. And I’m not just plugging her because she told me to; during my recent mail form fiasco, her tutorials played a major role in helping me rebuild my forms. If the World Wide Web was Middle Earth and PHP was the One Ring, she would be Frodo. Or maybe Aragorn. Wait — who’s that elf with the great hair? (Maybe I should have done a Harry Potter analogy instead.)

Speaking of sitely news, my sites were recently transferred to a new server, which explains both the wonky site problems of late and the fact that nobody gets e-mail from me anymore. Not only did my site revert back to an older version of itself, but the server switch cost me all of my e-mails from the past month or so. Of course, this would happen on the very day that I needed to reply to some rather time-sensitive e-mails, particularly a few that contained certain private e-mail addresses that I have, of course, completely forgotten. (Grr. Arrgh.) So, if you’ve been twiddling your thumbs waiting for my reply, it’s probably not coming, unless I can remember exactly what you said and which address you sent it from, and… yeah, not so good in the memory department. Yeah… what was I talking about? Oh. Right.

(On the plus side, ol’ impossible-to-install Mozilla Thunderbird is suddenly working for me, with hardly any tweaking at all. Yay… I guess.)

Another important update — okay, minor point: Scroll down to the bottom of this page. See anything different? No? Try wiping off your monitor (you never dust, do you?). Now do you see it? Good. That new little blob of tiny type and neat dividing lines is what I’m calling my “footer index”: a combination of a navigation path and a mini site index. There’s one on every page of the site now, and it’s going to CHANGE THE WAY YOU SURF THE — okay, okay, it’ll just make things a bit easier around here, that’s all. In theory, it will help you figure out where you are in the site and suggest other pages that might be of interest to you. In reality, it’s just an excuse for me to avoid doing my homework by tweaking code and still be able to exercise my l33t indexing skills. All your cross-references are belong to us! Yaaarrr!!!

Ahem. Do let me know what you think of the footer index, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see me add. All suggestions are taken into consideration, except those involving sheep — that’s not just illegal, it’s immoral, you perv.

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