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  • 6.03.09 — tweaked the layout

I’m always being told that the ideal welcome message is friendly, short, and to the point; it cordially greets the visitor, introduces the writer, explains the site’s purpose, provides a method for feedback, and ends with grace and aplomb. This is all well and good for normal people who run normal sites with perfectly normal content; I, on the other hand, am most certainly not normal, and I don’t run a normal site. To fully prepare you for this site, I’d need a long, rambling introduction full of odd links and weird words. Simple or rambling — simple or rambling — simple or rambling… I just can’t decide! So I wrote two welcome messages, and you can pick which one you like best:

The Short Version


The Long Version

Hello, and welcome to this, my little sprawling corner of the web, which is not really a corner so much as a maze, a maze designed to confuse and frighten you. Ha ha! Not really. (Well, maybe.) I’m Romy, your anserine host, and, as you are already painfully aware, I’m prone to rambling. Lots and lots of rambling. So much rambling that — what? Oh, okay, I’ll move on.

If you’re a regular here, you’ve probably got a basic routine: read the latest blog entry, see what I’m currently reading and watching (and what I’ve reviewed), and so on — in which case, click away, you savvy surfer you. If you’re new here, don’t be frightened… much. All you need to enjoy this site is a bit of free time, a non-renitent browser, and a (preferably catawampus) sense of humor. Above you is the menu, which will take you to any of the site’s main sections. Take all the time you need — like I said, it’s a brobdingnagian site — and do come back often to see what’s new. Have a blast, and please don’t neglect your cerumen!